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Experienced Brunswick Attorney Defends Against Criminal Charges

Georgia litigator works hard to preserve clients’ fundamental rights

When you’ve been accused of a crime, strong advocacy from a proven defense attorney gives you the best chance at a successful result. At my law firm, Kevin Gough Firm, LLC in Brunswick, I stand up for your constitutional rights even when the odds seem overwhelming. I have served as a Georgia attorney since 1987, both as an assistant district attorney and later as Circuit Public Defender for the Brunswick Judicial Circuit and now in private practice. I am dedicated to finding complete solutions for you whether you face criminal charges or require assistance with family or real estate matters. If you have a legal issue in Southeast Georgia that demands a diligent, resourceful attorney, I am uniquely qualified to resolve your problem.

Knowledgeable counselor provides detailed advice and exceptional service

The best legal representation benefits clients long after their case is concluded. When the stakes are high, choosing the right attorney is crucial. People trust my firm because they know they will receive:

  • Personalized attention — At my office, unlike larger offices, you never have to worry about your case getting lost in the shuffle or delegated to an inexperienced lawyer. I handle each case personally and develop a strategy with you that is designed to achieve your particular goals.
  • Skillful litigation — As a prosecutor and public defender, I have an extensive trial background and understand the tactics and tricks used by prosecutors. I am also able to detect problems that others miss and use that knowledge to help secure a favorable outcome for criminal defense clients.
  • Caring advocacy — I never forget that each person I represent has a full life outside of their legal concerns. Even when things seem difficult, I am committed to your well-being and that of your family.

No matter what type of legal support you need, I offer a free initial consultation so you can gain an understanding of your rights.

Lawyer pursues creative solutions to criminal, family and property matters

My firm assists clients in several areas of legal practice, including:

  • Criminal defense — You can count on me to deliver comprehensive defense against any type of criminal law allegation from traffic tickets to death penalty cases.
  • DUI/DWI — Problems with the DUI/DWI enforcement process often lead to unjust outcomes for motorists. I know how to find flaws in the factual and legal case so that you receive a fair hearing and have the best chance of keeping your driving privileges.
  • Divorce — If you are ending your marriage, my firm protects your rights in divorce proceedings relating to issues of custody, support and property division.
  • Family law — For a complete range of family law matters, I provide strong counsel while acknowledging the emotional difficulties that often are part of these disputes.

I understand that the uncertainty of any legal issue can make daily life difficult, so I provide detailed advice that makes you a true partner in the litigation of your case.

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Kevin Gough Firm, LLC represents those accused of felony and misdemeanor offenses in the State of Georgia.  I also assist clients with family law and real estate matters. Please call me or contact me online for a free initial consultation.


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